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Kirby’s Air Ride Game for the Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo’s very own Kirby is a cute pink character that loves to swallow and copy things. Well, that is sort of his thing and we all know Kirby’s games to be a platformer. But, the developers of the game wanted to try something out.

In today’s article, I will talk about Kirby’s Air Ride Game for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is Kirby’s first foray into the racing game genre.

To put it bluntly, Kirby’s Air Ride Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is a noob-friendly racing game r4 3ds.

That is because you literally do not have to press anything to accelerate Kirby’s car. When the race starts, Kirby will eventually accelerate and all you have to do from then on is use the D-pad and the A button.

The A button does not act as the accelerator, but rather, it acts as a button to use the boost functionality or the brakes.

There’s a lot of flak and confusion regarding this move. You see, the A button is pretty much used in order to carry out different commands such as using the Nitro boost, the brakes, and it is also used to allow Kirby to suck the enemies and absorb their powers in the process.

There will be a point where your intended action might not register when pressing the A button, and I think that the developer’s quest in making this game noob-friendly is a bit counterproductive.

Still, Kirby’s Air Ride Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is a pretty enjoyable game. You will take control of Kirby as he cruises through a race track.

Of course, like any other racing game, you will go against different enemy racers as well. The fun thing about the game is that you can press the A button to absorb your enemy’s car and copying their abilities as well.

There are multiple modes in the game that will surely enliven your gaming experience. The first game mode is the Air Ride. This game mode is the typical race mode in that you will be playing the game in the third-person perspective.

The next game mode is the “Time Mode” and it is essentially the racer who cruises the race track the farthest wins the game.

Another game mode is the “Top Ride” mode. In this mode, you will basically be donning a top-down perspective and the race tracks are considerably smaller. Because of the smaller race track, you will need to complete more laps than the usual Air Ride mode.

And lastly, there is the “City Trial” mode. This is arguably the most exciting game mode in the entire game. In this game mode, you will cruise through the city with other players that are controlled by the AI.

But that’s not why the game mode is exciting. The City Trial mode is exciting because there are a lot of items you can use to halt the enemy’s advances. Furthermore, you can hop to a different car at certain checkpoints in the game if you want.

Overall, the Kirby’s Air Ride Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is a fun game and it is definitely one of the easiest racing games out there.