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Facts About HCG Diet

In the ancient times, man had a lifestyle that never needed a medicine or doctor. Because the habits of man in nutrition and medicine have changed dramatically as per the modernized lifestyle, the needs of a man have also changed. One of the major problems the mankind faces nowadays is obesity. There are many factors which are the causes for obesity. Even small children are all affected by this health issue in the recent decades. HCG diet is one of the methods to help people to get rid of obesity. To know about HCG diet, one has to understand what HCG is.

HCG hormone

HCG, otherwise known as Human Chorionin Gonadotrophin, is human hormone produced in women when they are pregnant. It is highly helpful to feed and protect the fetus and so the part played by HCG is very important in the growth of the fetus into a baby. HCG is produced in non-pregnant woman and men as well.

HCG diet

In recent times, HCG diet is being used in the health industry. Apart from the HCG naturally present in the human blood, the hormone is artificially induced or added to the humans in order to help them to lose weight. There are many ways by which HCG can be added to the body of a human such as pills, drops, sprays, injections etc.

The HCG diet does not technically reduce the weight of a person, instead it decreases the appetite of the person and so he/she is tempted to eat less food resulting in the loss of weight. It is not the HCG that reduces the weight but the prescribed diet which does it. The best HCG diet treatment does not dissolve the muscles but it dissolves the unnecessary fat in the person who is treated.

HCG diet offers a person about 500 to 1,500 calories per day. Generally speaking, if a person is under HCG diet, most of the treatments don’t allow them to do physical exercise, But still, there are HCG diet treatments encourage appropriate exercises according to the health condition and the health history of the treated person.

One important thing everyone must know is that HCG diet can be handled only after being prescribed by a doctor. There are no published guidelines as to how HCG can be used. Generally HCG diet is considered to be homeopathic. And the safest way to use HCG diet is to inject the HCG hormone. Pills, sprays and drops are not considered to be safe. Though there are critics who oppose the HCG diet treatment, the actual fact is that there are still genuine HCG diet treatments that can result in no side effects.

As there is a chance of being misguided while choosing a genuine provider of HCG hormone, it is essential to be highly careful to go for the right choice. There is no right or wrong providers in HCG diet because it should vary from person to person depending on their age, health condition and so many other such health aspects.