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New Mod Maps for Skyrim Revealed

Bethesda Studios’ iconic game, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, is still pretty much alive and well. It is a little bit unfortunate that Skyrim won’t have a sequel, at least, within 2 years’ time because Bethesda said in the recently concluded E3 2016 event that the sequel is still “far, far away”.

Still, fans of the game were invigorated to know that Bethesda is planning to release a remastered version of the game next year.

In fact, they’ve already shown us a glimpse of the remastered edition and it is truly magnificent. The graphics have been highly revamped and there might also be some new content in the remastered edition as well.

Since there won’t be any new content for Skyrim for months to come, the Skyrim Modding community is working non-stop to deliver great map mods for the people to continually enjoy the game despite the fact that the game is already dated.

There is a set of screenshots that were recently released and it showcases a new map mod called the “High Rock” and “Hammerfell”.

These map mods will surely entice people to dust off their Skyrim games and play it again.

These mods were made courtesy of the people from the “Beyond Skyrim” modding project. For those of you who do not know, Beyond Skyrim is a big team that is constantly creating different mods for the game.

Now, what do the High Rock and Hammerfell mods have to offer to the general players of Skyrim?

The new High Rock mod will be situated on the western part of Tamriel. In this mod, there will be two warring factions: the Local Kings and the Wizard Lords. It is up to you which side you will choose.

Furthermore, you can also opt to not join either side and create your very own faction instead. Although, the full details of the mod are still not disclosed, the High Rock map mod sure looks great and the fact that it entails some storytelling as well is something to be really excited about.

The second map mod, Hammerfell, is still a work in progress and might take some time before it gets released. Apparently, this mod will showcase one of the barren lands of Tamriel. Furthermore, the developers promise that there will be lore elements put into the mod as well. Though, they did release some screenshots to showcase the barren lands of Tamriel.

These map mods look promising and they are still under development. Still, these mods will be available on all platforms whether you’re playing the PC version of the game or the game console version.

I am very impressed with the Skyrim Modding community. To this day, there are still a lot of pretty good mods that you can find over the Nexus mods website.

Mods are very easy to install and there are literally thousands of mods to choose from. From map mods to graphical mods, they are all there on that website.

Skyrim is available for the PC and also the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game consoles.