Top 5 Permadeath Games That Are Ridiculously Hard But Worth the Time

The Dark Souls games have a reputation for being one of the hardest games ever. But, the beauty of the “Souls” games are that you can replay as many times as you would like in order for you to beat the level.

But, what if you play a game where death is permanent? Wouldn’t that be much harder? And, would gamers want to play such games in the first place?

Actually, there are already a lot of permadeath games that were released in the past few years. Apparently, the challenge of doing good so that you won’t die is real and that players want the thrill that stems from it.

So today, I will talk about the top 5 permadeath games that are really hard but pretty much worth your time (and effort).

1. X-Com- This is a game console title where you control a team of elites that are bent on keeping the alien forces away from Earth. It sports a turn-based strategy combat approach but that is not why it is one of the hardest games in its genre. It is one of the most difficult because when a character dies in your team, he/she will instantly be out of your roster. Ever have that feeling when you’ve invested so much in a character, only to be killed permanently later in the game and be replaced with a fresh rookie? Yeah, you can experience that feeling when playing this game.

2. Dayz- Do you love zombie games? Then Dayz will really test that love. In this game, you will be put in a remote location where food is scarce and the place is infested with hordes of zombies. As if that isn’t enough of a challenge, you also need to keep your thirst and hunger in check, otherwise, your character will die and the zombies will have a fresh carcass for dinner.

3. Fire Emblem- Now, don’t get me wrong, Fire Emblem is a really good RPG game. But, in order to fully maximize your party, you need to train your characters. When you’re grinding to train your characters, there is some sort of bond that you create with them. Unfortunately, you have to be damn sure that that character will not die, otherwise, they’re gone for good.

4. The Binding of Isaac- This game is a top-down shooter and you get to play the cute little Isaac. Although the game has cute graphics, the gameplay is a bit hard. Why is it hard? Because, when you die, you basically have to go back to square one and try again.

5. ZombiU- Another zombie game, it is a bit different than Dayz in that whenever you die, you have the opportunity to create a new character. Go back to where your last character died and you can get his gear and move forward.

Some of these games are available on the PC and most of them are available for various game consoles.

If you’re adventurous and you want some excitement, then definitely try the top permadeath games I’ve highlighted in this article.